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Ebook market bag ESSENTIAL by Stoffträume4you for immediate download DINA4 in PDF format


The ESSENTIAL market bag is easy to sew and is also suitable for sewing beginners. You don't need a pattern and you can start right away. The sewing instructions consist of 18 pages and contain numerous photos that show you step-by-step exactly what needs to be done, including explanations. We have the sewing instructions ESSENTIAL extensively tested in test sewing with a wide variety of sewing experiences. you can for them Sewing time including cutting between two and five hours plan on.

You purchase one here digital sewing instructions and a lookbook in PDF format. For this reason you need a program with which you can open your PDF. We recommend Acrobat Reader, because other programs can lead to incorrect displays. You need a printer to print out the sewing instructions.

Everything about the MARKET BAG ESSENTIAL

Mass Essential fabric spaces4youDifficulty level: 2 out of 5 and
Working time: about 2 to 5 hours

Dimensions and design

ESEENTIAL is designed as a market bag or shopper. Depending on Stoffart finds her as Bags Folded flat, it fits into any handbag or accompanies you as a more practical item Shopper in everyday life.

The outer dimensions of the ESSENTIAL are approx. H 36cm x W 36cm x D 12cm. Thanks to its optional pockets on the outside and inside, it offers additional storage space if required.

Essential is carried over the shoulder and offers you space for various purchases as well as a DIN A4 folder and laptop. It is closed with a magnetic button.

This reduces the interior to a height of approx. 32 cm, but still suitable for a DIN A4 folder lying sideways.

Whether as Shopper or shopping bag – you can fit (almost) everything in your ESSENTIAL!

Sew ESSENTIAL and love us on INSTA with #essentialstoffdreame4you or #essentialstoffträume4you demonstrate!

It is best to use woven fabrics such as (coated) cotton, poplin, canvas, oil skin, denim, Cord, imitation leather, etc. If necessary, reinforce thinner cotton with H250. If you don't want your ESSENTIAL to be a "bag", you can use laminated foamstoff upholster

You can sew the bag with and without outside and different inside pocket types as well as different strap variants. So you would have a lot of space on the front for e.g. B. an appliqué, embroidery or other embellishments.

You need one for your ESSENTIAL market bag normal sewing machine on which you put the bag with a Straight stitch sewing. Each seam is locked at the beginning and at the end. Light fraying Stoffe should be done with a zigzag stitch before sewing clean up. There is already one in the pattern Seam allowance (NZ) of 1cm included!


ESSENTIAL is for firm non-stretch medium weight Stoffe such as (coated) cotton, canvas, oil skin, jeans, corduroy, etc. If you use cork, imitation leather or thicker canvas, your ESSENTIAL no longer carry them folded up in your handbag.

MATERIAL QUANTITIES - all information is always given in the order of height x width

  • 50cm x 150cm outsidestoff 1 - at 110cm Stoffwidth you need 70 cm!
  • optional: 25cm x 50cm outsidestoff 2 for the pocket attachments
  • 50cm x 150cm insidestoff 1
  • optional: 2 x 22cm x 26cm insidestoff 2 (top pocket inner lining)
  • optional: 50 cm x 150 cm fleece for very thin Stoffe – possibly fleece H250 to reinforce very thin BWStoffe and for a firm stand the outer parts with laminated foamstoff, e.g. B. Upholster Style Vil. IMPORTANT: Fleeces are ALWAYS on the OUTSIDESTOFFE ironed or sewn in the seam allowance (NZ).
  • 1 magnet button
  • Decovil Light or Wonder Dots from Snaply to reinforce the Stoffit under the magnet button
  • optional: 22 cm zipper (zip) endless with 1 zipper, 3 cm wide for the inner compartment
  • 2 x 65 cm webbing 25mm wide as a carrier
  • optional: 2 x 55-60 cm leather straps with a width of 2 or 2,5 cm plus 8 double hollow rivets
  • Trims, piping or woven tape to taste for decoration, label or etiquette(s)
  • optional: Stylefix adhesive tape as an aid for sewing in the zip
  • Universal needle or thicker ones Stoffand a denim needle

Not sure what combo you want to put together for your ESSENTIAL? No problem: we offer you ready-made ones SEWING SETS !

You can find us in the Shop not just beautiful coated bagsStoffebut also plenty "Sewing ingredients" in the form of Interface, Rivets and soon also leather straps and webbing.


Look at the Ebook Essential Stofftraeume4you


Ebook Essential Contrasting Yarn Stofftraeume4you

Various carrier types and mounts

Sewn in, sewn on or riveted - self-sewn or made of webbing: the e-book contains ESSENTIAL several variants for brackets, from which you can choose.

In the e-book we show you how to attach a magnetic fastener. A simple type of closure that you can use in many areas.

contrast stitching

You can use many outer seams on your ESSENTIAL topstitch on both sides. Use contrasting yarn in two colors as the upper thread to conjure up a great highlight on your bag.






The Stoffträume4you you can find nice jerseys, sweats, jacquards, knitwearstoffe, interlocks, Canvas and cottonstoffe from the manufacturers ALBSTOFFE, LILLESTOFF, STOFFUNCLE, C. PAULI, AuMaison, AGF, Cloud9, BIRCH, Meet Milk, Mind the Maker and many others.

We will be happy to advise you and, if necessary, help you with a photo of your intended combination!

Have fun browsing, yours Stoffträume4you-Team

PS: You can find many more Freebooks at Sewing frog!

© 2022 All rights to these instructions are owned by Gröne and Esin Stoffträume4You OHG. Commercial use is prohibited. No liability can be accepted for errors in the instructions.


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