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Cuff Me Ripped finished cuffs from ALBSTOFFE give our creativity completely new possibilities!

The Cuff Me cuffs Ripped are ideal to give a less eye-catching garment a great splash of color. In the same way, they are able to give a colorful piece of sewing something "quiet" - typical of the designs of Hamburger Liebe, The Cuff Me cuffs are wonderfully soft on the skin - Experienced among us know how great they feel and for everyone else: try it out!

Each cuff is 1,40m long and wrapped on a blister box so you do not have any cutting work.

Play of colors of the Cuff Me Ripped 25: Verdino / Pink Scuro / White - A70 / 03/01

Lots of design sewing examples for the Weekender collection are available here here!

We offer an almost endless selection of knitted cuffs from ALBSTOFFE. The retro organic cuff Cuff Me from Albstoffe are made in organic quality Made in Germany and were sold by Albstoffe produced under the rules of the GOTS certificate. Thanks to high-quality Dtex 44 Lycra® spandex, the Cuff Me meet the highest quality standards so that you will enjoy your new favorite clothing for a long time.

The novel cuffstoff Perfect for cuffs of cardigans, T-shirts, jumpers and more.

We are happy to advise you and help you with a photo of your intended combination of wishes. Just contact us!

At Stoffträume4you You'll find beautiful jerseys, sweats, jacquards, interlocks, canvas and cottonstoffe from the manufacturers ALBSTOFFE, lillestoff, STOFFONKEL, C. PAULI and Birch.

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Cuff Me Ripped 25 Weekender Hamburger Liebe WHITESTOFFE

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