Organic Corduroy Zinfandel Bordeaux Uni C. Pauli GOTS


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Bio-Cord - velvety soft fine cord from C. Pauli with GOTS certification

The bio-finecords in Uni of C. Pauli bring decent color into your life! Environmentally friendly and fair produced corduroystoffe made in Germany wear themselves much more comfortable;). All C. Pauli finecord uni are made of 98% organic organic cotton and 2% elastane with rib width 1,5 mm width, which are very comfortable to wear due to their elasticity as stretch cords. We offer you 8 color variations.

Color Zinfandel - Bordeaux

Cord is a velvety fabric that is also called lace velvet or Manchester. Typical characteristics are the velvety longitudinal ribs in the direction of the thread running on the top of the Stoffit that emerges during weaving and is then cut open.

Depending on the width, i.e. the number of ribs in relation to the total Stoffwidth, one differentiates between cords:

  • Breitcord
    (10 to 25 ribs per 10 cm tissue)
  • corduroy
    (44 to 50 ribs per 10 cm tissue)
  • Baby cord and
    (more than 40 ribs per 10 cm tissue)
  • corduroy
    (more than 50 ribs per 10 cm tissue)

Corduroy is traditionally made from 100% cotton, but may also contain a proportionate amount of polyester, Lycra or Elasthan (stretchcord). The CordstoffC. Pauli's have a percentage of 2% elastane for stretchability. The elastane blends ensure that the corduroystoff sits close to the figure and no longer lays out or bulges.

Similar to velvet, cord also has a so-called grain direction. That's how he feels Stoff feels differently soft when you stroke it from top to bottom and vice versa.

C. Pauli-Stoffe are unmistakable in quality. From the fiber to the color to production, all work steps and materials used at C. Pauli are certified according to the global GOTS standard. C. Pauli stands for sustainability and wonderful design.

Here you will find matching organic cuffs, where you can choose between tubular fabric and retro cuffs Cuff Me. Click here for ours Cuffs at Stoffträume4you

And should you be unsure about your color combination, then we will help you with words and deeds. Just get in touch with us!

We hope you enjoy browsing, yours Stoffträume4you-Team

Organic Corduroy Zinfandel Bordeaux Uni C. Pauli GOTS

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