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Coated linen - ACRYLIC LINEN - in the color BLACK from AU Maison at Stofftraeume4you

The coated, high-quality ACRYLIC LINES are plain-colored linenstoffe with a smooth, matt surface. Their coating cannot be seen at first glance. The StoffThe appearance, its textile feel and a rather soft case are retained despite the coating. Due to the natural texture of the thread, all ACRYLIC LINEN have visible web irregularities. They lend the linesstoffa varied and attractive appearance.

According to AU Maison, all ACRYLIC LINES are free from phthalates, ie they do not contain any plasticizers and are Ökotex 100 certified. This is why ACRYLIC LINES are particularly suitable for sewing work such as lunch bags, place mats, bags, cosmetic bags and much more. We also offer you perfectly coordinated OILCLOTHStoffe (oilcloth) from Au Maison as well as matching (metallized) zippers as combination partners!

We offer you the coated linesstoffe from AU Maison currently in 16 selected color variants - here BLACK. All ACRYLIC LINES are water-repellent, washable and can be washed in the washing machine at 30 ° C with mild detergent if you do not use the spin cycle. They are easy to sew, do not fray and are very nice to the touch!

What does you offer Stoffträume4you?

You will find high quality with us Stoffe for dress and bag sewers and exclusive albstoffe-own creations incl. matching organic cuffs. You can between Ribbing Tubular Fabric or Retro Cuff Cuff Me choose. In addition, we offer you wonderful “supplementary material” in the form of the new ones Stripe Me and Cord Me (Flat and hoodie cords). Both come from the house of Albstoffe and also suit many everyone Hamburger Liebe Collections.

With the perfect combination of Cuff Me cuffs, Stripe Me ribbons and perfectly coordinated flat and hoodie cords in uni and mélange yarns as well as numerous “pocket accessories” in the form of high-quality metallized zippers, woven ribbons, fleece inlays and belt straps, you can sew the world to yourself as you like it - we promise!

We hope you enjoy browsing, yours Stoffträume4you-Team


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