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Birch Organic Fabrics was created in 2009 out of the desire to offer the quilt and patchwork community worldwide a fairly produced and environmentally friendly cotton alternative.

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Sustainability begins with awareness and accordingly Birch Fabrics is convinced that real action leads to success. For this reason, Birch Fabrics provides them all Stoffe made from 100% organic cotton. When printing comes a  Low impact dye colorstoff for use that does not contain any toxic chemicals such as heavy metals or pickling agents and requires fewer rinses. It also has a high absorption rate. Both together cause less waste water, so this printing process is much more environmentally friendly than conventional printing inks.

Birch Fabrics only produces organicStoffe. The high quality Stoffqualities in poplin, canvas, interlock and barkcloth have a high recognition value due to their modern and unusual designs by Charley Harper, Arleen Hillyer, Jenny Ronen, Kristen Balouch and Elizabeth Jean Younce. 

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In order to be considered 100% organic, cotton must be subject to a very strict approval process. The certifier who Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), approved every step in the process at Birch Fabrics.

The process chain starts with cotton cultivation, then extends to transport and processing with sourstoffbased bleaching agents without chlorine as well as the environmentally friendly printing of cotton up to the storage of the finished goods. The International Labor Organization (ILO) certifies compliance with fair working conditions throughout the process - child labor is excluded! A certificate is provided at the end of the process to ensure that all of these standards have been met and approved.


Bei Stoffträume4you you will find regularly from May 2021 current collections from Birch - pre-order by email!

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LOOKBOOK Birch Fabrics collections summer 2021 Stoffträume4you

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WHITESTOFFE - 4 good reasons to trade with Albstoffen

1)  Sustainability: Albstoffe is a GOTS certified StoffManufacturer. All production processes in the Stoffproduction are subject to the strict requirements of the organic quality seal. In addition, there are the short distances: WHITESTOFFE is made in Germany on the Swabian Alb in Baden-Wuerttemberg. 

2) Quality: high quality, elaborate, radiant Stoffquality that is wonderful on the skin as well as on the eye.

3) trust: We appreciate the partnership with ALBSTOFFE and give the manufacture our own Stoffcreations gladly in reliable hands. In addition to three designs in organic jacquard quality (Revel, Zikzak and Giant-Houndstooth roughened on both sides), the Striped Delight, the first high-quality printStoffe in GOTS quality. More designs by Stoffträume4you should follow in May and October 2021.

4) Design: working with the design label Hamburger Liebe by Susanne Firmenich is a feast for the eyes for the DIY sector. Each year in collaboration with Albstoffe about 5 colorful good mood collections.

Hamburger LiebeBut please see for yourself - we have put together a small selection for you that shows why we love what we do here at stoffträ do. 

Slider SAKURA Hamburger Liebe Albstoffe Stoffträume4you April 2021
SAKURA Hamburger Liebe Albstoffe Stoffträume4you April 2021


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SHINE Hamburger Liebe Stofftraeume4you Albstoffe February 2021