Sewing instructions for the LYCKA zipper pouch

Do more of what makes you happy - LYCKA :)

You can sew the small zippered pouch "LYCKA" easy peasy and ratz fatz in 20 minutes incl. Stoffcut.

A grip in Stoffshelf or leftovers box, thread on a 20 cm zip, iron on some fleece line H630 if necessary and off you go.

Four is enough for you Stoffpieces each 20 cm high x 25 cm wide. Depending on your taste, you can embellish LYCKA with everything that makes you or the recipient happy.



All information is always given in the order of height x width. So for the side panels you need four x die Stoffquantity of 20 cm high and 25 cm wide at hand. You can get LYCKA from (almost) all of them Stoffen sew that are not too thick.

  • Outsidestoff: 2 x 20cm x 25cm (coated) cotton/linen/faux leather/canvas/waffle weave/jacquard
  • Insidestoff: 2 x 20cm x 25cm (coated) cotton/linen/canvas
  • endless zip in wide or narrow with 1 matching zipper for inside pocket with approx. 20cm
  • if necessary style fix
  • optional: iron-on volume fleece, e.g. B. H630 , max. 2 x 20 cm x 25 cm
  • Vlieseline S320 for reinforcing thin cottonstoffe, max. 2 x 20 cm x 25 cm
  • Universal needle or heavier ones Stoffand a denim needle
  • optionally a teflon base if you have artificial leather or coated Stoffe for your LYCKA and…
  • … a household sewing machine : )


Zipper bag Lycka Stoffdreame4you sewing instructions 31

Print out, cut out, iron on fleece and pull on zipper

  • Print out the pattern at 100% (=actual size). You will find the side part lying in the break 1 x WITH and 1 x WITHOUT seam allowance (NZ).
  • Cut two side pieces from the outside and insidestoff incl. NZ too. If you want to give your LYCKA a pleasant feel, cut out 2 x side panels WITHOUT NZ from volume fleece H630.
  • Brackets on both side parts from OUTSIDESTOFF according to the instructions, place the volume fleece H630 on the LEFT STOFFSIDE (press only, do not iron over, otherwise the volume will suffer).
  • Thread the zipper onto a zipper. Then shorten it to 20 cm and carefully “merge” both ends with a lighter.
Zipper pouch Lycka Freebook Stofftrauem4you sewing instructions

Zipper with Stoffenclose ends

Take the zipper and the four Stoffpieces for its ends.

  • Insert StoffPlace right side down on one end of zipper.
  • put the 2nd Stoffpiece with the right side up under the end of the zipper so that you always turn to the left from both the top and bottom Stofflook at the end pieces.
  • Stick both Stoffstuck.
  • Sew 0,7 cm NZ to the outer end of the zipper
Zipper bag Lycka Stoffdreame4you sewing instructions 1
  • Shut that Stofffold outwards at both zipper ends. They are now lying on top of each other, wrong sides together, with the zipper end in between.
  • Stitch the seam tightly. I shift my needle position by 2 to the left or right.
  • Done – your zipper now has two nice ends :).
Zipper bag Lycka Stoffdreame4you sewing instructions 2

Zipper between outside and insidestoff sew in 

  • Mark four of ALL of them Stoffdivide AND the middle of the zipper on both sides with a snap (= small “incision”)
  • Take a side panel from OUTSIDESTOFF.
  • Lay it right side up so you're looking at the "nice" side.
  • Place the zipper right sides together so the caterpillar is facing down and you're looking at the back of the zipper.
Zipper bag Lycka Stoffdreame4you sewing instructions 6

  • Take a side part from insidestoff.
  • Place it right side down CENTER on the back of the zipper so both Stoffe right sides together and all three snaps of 2 x Stoff and hit 1x zipper exactly.
  • Stick both Stoffe firmly with the zipper in between. The zipper is pulled to one end.
  • If necessary, insert a zipper and sew in the zipper with a NZ of 0,7 cm.
  • Stop just before you reach the zipper, lift the presser foot with the needle INSERTED, carefully pull it backwards and continue sewing to the end.
Zipper bag Lycka Stoffdreame4you sewing instructions 8
Zipper bag Lycka Stoffdreame4you sewing instructions 9
  • Fold both side panels from outside and insidestoff top each other wrong sides together and iron them flat. Pull the zipper out as far as possible so that no folds form.
  • Stitch the zip cleanly with just a few edges.
Zipper bag Lycka Stoffdreame4you sewing instructions 10

Lay "sandwich".

  • Place your 2nd side panel from OUTSIDESTOFF right side up in front of you. You are looking at the “beautiful” side again.
  • Place the side part you just finished sewing on top of the top edge of the zipper with the outside facing down. The snaps should meet exactly. Both side panels from the outsidestoff lie on top of each other, right sides together at the upper edge of the zipper.
  • Lay the 2nd side panel from INSIDE on top, right sides togetherSTOFF, so that you are on the BACK of the side panel from INSIDEstoff watch.
  • Sandwich: below side part 2 from the outsidestoff right side up/centered with right outsidestoff- Side up the finished side part / top with the right side down the 2nd side part from the insidestoff -> the finished side part is between the 2nd outsidestoffside part and 2. insidestoffside part.
  • Make sure that all markings are CENTRAL on top of each other and pin your "sandwich" firmly.
Zipper bag Lycka Stoffdreame4you sewing instructions 4
  • Slowly and carefully sew all three layers together.
  • Fold the outer part onto the inner part again and pull out the zipper neatly and smoothly.
  • Iron thoroughly and also stitch the 2nd side of the zipper on the outsidestoffpage carefully to the end. If the zipper gets in your way, lift the sewing foot again with the needle inserted, carefully pull the zipper away and continue sewing.
Zipper bag Lycka Stoffdreame4you sewing instructions 16

Sew the inner and outer side parts together

Your Lycka is in front of you like this:

Zipper bag Lycka Stoffdreame4you sewing instructions 15
  • Pin the two outer sidesStoffe as well as the two inner lining sides, right sides together.
  • On the underside of the inner lining, mark a TURNING OPENING of approx. 12 cm - in the photo the area between the YELLOW STOFFCLAMPS.

IMPORTANT: So that the StoffIf you let the pieces at the ends of the zips form outwards, they must point towards the inner lining when sewing!  Swap the bottom photo because unfortunately it is shown cut off!

  • Start on one side of the turning opening and sew your lycka together with a NZ of 1cm to the other side of the turning opening.
  • In the RV passages, make sure that the curvature of the Stoffreally point towards the inner lining!
  • Cut back your NZ but leave it at the turning opening.
Zipper bag Lycka Stoffdreame4you sewing instructions 19
Zipper bag Lycka Stoffdreame4you sewing instructions 18

Turn, form the ends of the zipper and close the turning opening

  • Final sprint: turn your LYCKA carefully, you lucky ones!
  • Gently pull the outer bag pieces through the turning opening.
  • Press the zipper ends outwards by inserting a chopstick, pen, or the tip of a seamer through the turning opening.
  • Once you've done that, iron the NZ of your turning opening inwards.
  • Close the turning opening tightly with the machine or by hand with a ladder stitch.
Zipper bag Lycka Stoffdreame4you sewing instructions 21
Zipper bag Lycka Stofftraeume4you sewing instructions 23 shaping

You made LYCKA!

Eva wishes you a lot of fun with your Lycka

Zipper bag Lycka Stoffdreame4you sewing instructions 31
Zipper bag Lycka Stoffdreame4you sewing instructions 26