SAKURA Hamburger Liebe


An ode to the beauty of women: Susanne Firmenich dedicates her current one StoffCollection from SAKURA, the symbolic time of the cherry blossom in Japan. SAKURA stands for beauty and new beginnings - and just as life brings with it contrasts, SAKURA also stands for transience. The cherry blossom, which heralds spring in its delight, stretches over Japan for several days and is celebrated everywhere. This time is a reminder to enjoy life in every moment and to hug like a fresh start every day. The #hamburgerliebe Stoff-Designs by Susanne Firmenich are something special again: beautiful and appealing, paired with the wonderful good-mood design that conjures up a smile in every collection.

In Sakura there are the following organicStoffqualities in different colors:

as jerseys and sweats - HANA (floral, cherry blossoms), MANEKI NEKO (floral, bows and carnations with waving cat), BABY HEARTS (lucky charms heart-hand), ASANOHA (multi-layered geometric pattern), NIPPON FLOWERS (floral-geometric pattern),

Jacquards - NIPPON KNITTED FLOWERS (floral-geometric pattern), YUKATA (floral chrysanthemum pattern, large-floral pattern), SEIGAIHA (typical Japanese pattern, geometric waves)

Panels as jersey and sweat - MANEKI NEKO (large waving cat with floral borderstoff Jersey 70cm high and 165cm wide, sweat 70cm high and 170cm wide, each in the basic shade pink or dark)

Tencel Webware - HANA

Knits - SHIPPOU (geometric ovals and diamonds), WAGARA (geometrically arranged rectangles)

To all Stoffen, Cuff Me, Stripe Me and Twist Me it goes here!

We are very much looking forward to Susanne's SAKURA collection and the Asian-inspired flair. Sustainable Stoffe paired with GUTE-MOUNE design are exactly the right thing for us in these times. We smile towards spring and look forward to the rattle of the sewing machine.

We hope you enjoy planning your sewing projects and if you have any questions, please contact us. For everyone who wants to look forward to the start of sales at the beginning of May, we offer to contact us about our [email protected] to contact.

Best regards,

Eva and Cigdem