ORIENT OXIDENTCollection from Hamburger Liebe / Susanne Firmenich with ALBSTOFFE

SALE START: Second half of September (with 5% elastane, we think it will be the end of September :)

WELCOME to the OASIS of sewing creativity.
With the "ORIENT OXIDENT" collection, Susanne Firmenich enables us from the pen of hers Stoffdesign labels HAMBURGER LIEBE a great range of Stoffappreciate that want to be wonderfully combined. Hamburger Liebe always stands for GOOD MOOD DESIGN.

In cooperation with ALBSTOFFThis also means that all collection contents are produced under GOTS-certified conditions. Sustainability in its purest form. Excellent Stoffquality, cheerful colors, great patterns and the infinite combinability is again a ray of hope in the big world of Stoffe.

As usual they are Stoffqualities sweat, stretch jersey, knit and jacquard represented in the collection. Tencel jersey wonderfully soft is also included, and for the first time there is also a TENCEL woven fabric in the collection.

“YASMIN” is turning our heads

Printstoff "YASMIN" as sweat, stretch jersey with 95% organic cotton and 5% elastane and as tencel jersey with 95% lyocel and 5% elastane. YASMIN in blue navy or bordeaux in the basic tone, each adorned with typical Susanne feel-good colors.

Hamburger Liebe with a Marrakech touch

Printstoff "DIAMOND EYE" as stretch jersey and sweat - oriental patterns that are reminiscent of an oasis where we sit under palm trees on a hand-knotted carpet and lose ourselves in the sunset. DIAMOND EYE is available in basic tones Blue Navy, Verdone, White and Bordeaux. Graphic elements decorate Diamond Eye.

CRESCENT MOON - the sensual one Stoff
in ALBSTOFFE quality

"CRESCENT MOON" is a nifty printstoff with graphic elements. Lots of small details that are bundled as stripes and then dissolve again, alternating - wonderfully sensual. Crescent Moon is available as a sweat and as a tencel jersey. The basic tones are Blue Navy with Ciclamino, Luce Rosso, Bordeaux or Blue Navy with Caraibi.

Enchantment from a thousand and one nights - Sheherazade

NEW: Tencel woven fabrics! Light and airy and wonderfully soft on the skin. “SHEHERAZADE” is available as a stretch jersey with 95% organic cotton and 5% elastane and brand new in ORIENT OXIDENT as a Tencel woven fabric made from 100% Lyocel. Sheherazade is available in the basic tones Bordeaux, Verdone and Blue Navy. Floral and graphic elements that work together seductively decorate it Stoff.

CAMEL RIDE - colorful camels jingle delightfully towards us

"CAMEL RIDE" comes as a sweat, as a stretch jersey and, for the first time in ORIENT OXIDENT, also as a Tencel woven fabric. The basic tones are white with caraibi (dark mint), white with ciclamino (rich pink) and blue navy with ciclamino.

FATIMA - roughened on both sides - a cuddly jacquard from ALBSTOFFE - feels woolly inside and out

Jacquard "FATIMA" with a sophisticated pattern made of 100% organic cotton in five different versions: MERINGA / Rosa Scuro with Atlantic blue, Bordeaux with Brucciato (rust tone) and Rosa Scuro, Meringa, Papaia (orange) with black, Verdino ( Mint) with mottled jeans and meringa, blue navy with aragosta (salmon) with meringa. This jacquard, roughened on both sides, is woolly-soft on both sides, inside and out. Please note that it shrinks approx. 10%. Take this into account with yours Stoffquantity planning and be sure to pre-wash.

BRICK KNIT - perfect knitting art from ALBSTOFFE in Hamburger Liebe Design

Typical ALBSTOFFE - BRICK KNIT is a knit jersey that is ideal for sewing projects with freedom of movement. 95% organic cotton with 5% elastane in wonderful color constellations. Perfect for blousons, dresses, sweaters, cardigans, pants and much more. The color combinations are Bordeaux with Ortensia (pink), Bordeaux with Brucciato (rust), Colza Mélange with curry, Verdone (dark green) with Caraibi, Blue Navy with Bluette, Dark gray with black, Black with white.

"STARLIT" jacquard made from 100% organic cotton

This great design is also available as a jacquard knit. The color combinations are Meringa with Verdino + Black + Curry, Bluette with Rosa Scuro + Black + White, Curry with Bordeaux + Ortensia + White, Aragosta (salmon tone) with Blue Navy, Meringa and white and Meringa with Bordeaux + Aragosta + Flamme and White

ROPE KNIT - a basicStoff for great sewing projects

High quality ALBSTOFFE-quality with sophisticated knitting technology. Woman / You don't need more for a special piece of sewing. 95% organic cotton with 5% elastane make this one Stoff an absolute all-rounder. ROPE KNIT is available in 7 color combinations: NEPAL with BRUCCIATO (orange with rust), LUCE ROSSO (orange) with Prugna (plum), MERINGA WITH FLAME (red), AZZURO (light blue) with bluette (saturated blue), VERDINO (mint) with BLUE NAVY, MEDIUM GRAY with BLACK and ANTHRACITE with black.

Jacquard "AMIRA" sophisticated design that makes you dream

With this design we sink into reveries. AMIRA impresses with the ingenious arrangement of the design elements - it appears three-dimensional, so that we cannot take our eyes off it. AMIRA has the following color combinations: ARAGOSTA (salmon) with white and bordeaux, curry with white and bordeaux, pink Scuro with white and bordeaux, jeans mottled with white and Verdino, bluette with blue navy and white.

What does the Hamburger Liebe ORIENT OXIDENT collection special?

Hamburger Liebe ORIENT OXIDENT with ALBSTOFFE takes us into floral & graphic elements that were wonderfully arranged by Susanne Firmenich. With the help of the ingenious knitStoffe (typically ALBSTOFFE), which are ideal as basicStoffe, we can combine them or use them as the main character in a quieter sewing project. Simply combined with matching Cuff Me finished cuffs, Stripe Me decorative ribbons and hoodie cord in the form of Cord Me or Twist me, and the perfect piece of sewing is ready. Since the same thread colors are used, every Color Monk heart goes into full swing when it comes to combining cuffsstoffs in tubular fabric. Some Stoffe is also available in Tencel jersey quality, which is wonderfully soft and feels like being caressed - for the first time, Orient Oxident will also feature Tencel woven fabrics. We are very excited, because many great sewing plants with many great combination possibilities await us in ORIENT OXIDENT from Hamburger Liebe for ALBSTOFFE.

The collection is expected to appear in mid-September. As experienced HHL fans, however, we know that 1-2 weeks don't count 😉 Until then, we look forward to all of the great design examples that we are continuously adding here for you. If you have any questions about the collection, please contact us at [email protected] and / or uses the Notifier function directly at your requeststoff.

Lots of beautiful ones StoffDreams wish you Cigdem and Eva

The design examples come from Andrea (anlukaaAndrea (Mrs. March), Daxi (mimi sews), Andrea (Miss Elbneedle), Katharina (radio head), Suska (Snail farm-kid stuff) and of course Susanne Firmenich even (Hamburger Liebe).