BLOOM-Collection from Hamburger Liebe / Susanne Firmenich with ALBSTOFFE

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Why wander far when the good is so close ?! In spite of Corona, we take it with us BLOOM from Hamburger Liebe just summer home! Cheerful lightness in the form of flowers and fresh colors simply ensure a good mood, whether on balconies, in your own garden or on first trips to the beer garden.

In addition to sweat, jersey, knit and jacquard, TENCEL with floral motifs is also part of the team for the first time in the designs "ALL OVER" and "HELLO".

Our new one Hamburger Liebe
Favourite-Stoff BLOOM girl power

Printstoff "GIRL POWER" as sweat and jersey with 95% organic cotton and 5% elastane - GIRL POWER in fresh colors, each in the basic tone with ROSÉ MÉLANGE, LIGHT GRAY MÉLANGE, CURRY and BORDEAUX.

Bloom all over
HHL as far as the eye can see

Printstoff "ALL OVER" as jersey and TENCEL - flowers in watercolor each in the color combination WHITE / CURRY, WHITE / BLUE, WHITE / GREEN, ROSE / pink and BORDEAUX / CURRY

Funny patternstoff Sunnies
in tried and tested Albstoffe quality

Printstoff "SUNNIES" as sweat and jersey with 95% organic cotton and 5% elastane - colorful print decorated with funny glassesstoff each in the basic tone WHITE, CURRY, ORTENSIA and BORDEAUX.

Bloom Hello!
the summer printstoff

Printstoff "HELLO" as sweat and jersey as well as Jersey-TENCEL - repeat decorated with large flowers in the basic tone CURRY, WHITE, VERDONE (DARK GREEN) and BLUE NAVY

Hamburger Liebe Bubbling
from the new Bloom collection

Relief jacquard "BUBBLING" with five colors made of 100% organic cotton - in the variants BORDEAUX / ORTENSIA, PAPAIA / ORTENSIA, POLENTA / CURRY, MEDIUM GRAY / MERINGA, TURQUOISE / ERBA and BLUE NAVY / JEANS.

Summery flair with Bloom Big
in different Hamburger Liebe- colors available

Jacquard "BIG" with large flowers made of 100% organic cotton in four different versions: MERINGA / CURRY, ERBA / LIMES, MERINGA / ORTENSIA and BLUE NAVY / ORTENSIA.

Five great jacquard variants
Pin Strips Bloom designed by Susanne Firmenich

Jacquard "PIN STRIPES" with 3 colors made of 100% organic cotton - jacquard decorated with different types of lines in five variants, each with the basic tones PINK / RED, PAPAIA / ROSA, CURRY / PINK, ROSA / MERINGA and MERINGA / JEANS

The Garland Jacquard Bloom
made from organic cotton

Jacquard "GARLAND" with 4 colors made of organic cotton - jacquard knit with stylized leaves in the tried and tested ALBSTOFFE-quality in five variants: MERINGA, BORDEAUX, MERINGA / ROSATÖNE, BLUE NAVY and MERINGA / GREEN TONES.

Hashtag Knit Bloom in many colors
Produced by Albstoffe

3D knit "HASHTAG" with 2-colors made of 95% organic cotton and 5% elastane - a single jersey knit with irregular, three-dimensional qualities, in 8 variants: BORDEAUX, ROSA + MERINGA, ROT + ROSA, PAPPAIA / NEPAL, MERINGA / VERDONE, TURQUOISE / BLUE NAVY, MEDIUM GRAY / BLACK and JENA / BLUE NAVY.

Single jersey knit 3D Leafy - Hamburger Liebe Bloom

3D LEAFY with 2 colors made of 95% organic cotton and 5% elastane - a single jersey knit with a three-dimensional leaf structure, in 6 variants: BORDEAUX, PAPAIA, CURRY, ERBA, TURQUOISE and BLUE NAVY.

What does the Hamburger Liebe BLOOM collection special?

Hamburger Liebe BLOOM is playful on the one hand, but also offers thanks to the two knits Stoffe hashtag and Leafy beautifully calm Stoffe, which can be perfectly combined with matching Cuff Me finished cuffs, Stripe Me decorative ribbons and hoodie cords in the form of Cord Me. Since the same thread colors are used, every Color Monk heart goes into full swing when it comes to combining cuffsstoffin tubular goods. Many great sewing units with many great combination options await us again in BLOOM by Hamburger Liebe for ALBSTOFFE.

BLOOM is expected to appear in mid-June. Until then, we look forward to all the great design examples that we are continuously adding to you here. If you have any questions about BLOOM, feel free to contact us at [email protected] and / or uses the Notifier function directly at your requeststoff.

Lots of beautiful ones StoffEva and Cigdem wish you dreams

The design examples come from Andrea (anlukaaAndrea (Mrs. March), Daxi (mimi sews), Andrea (Miss Elbneedle), Katharina (radio head), Suska (Snail farm-kid stuff) and of course Susanne Firmenich even (Hamburger Liebe).