In My Garden Hamburger Liebe with inhibitor Itex

We jump straight into the good mood spring: "In my garden", calls us Susanne Firmenich and shows us a first impression of her new fabric collection with her design label Hamburger Liebe in collaboration with Hemmers Itex. SALES START is March 4, 2020 🙂

Get out of the booth, they say. Enough time spent indoors - even if winter felt like a long autumn weekend, spring is finally here. Susanne Firmenich inspires us with flowers, watering cans and the usual colorful color combinations to welcome spring

With GOOD MOOD :) In addition to great clothingstoffen, the "IN MY GARDEN" collection also contains fabric qualities that are ideally suited for bags, tablecloths and other decorative sewing projects.

The first sewing examples here are from Susanne (Hamburger Liebe) and Julia from lillesol and pelle, who has already sewn some of the fabrics for their great patterns. Blouse time, we are so looking forward to you!

“In my Garden” has these fabric qualities for us:

    • Laminated cotton twill for bags, shopping bags, beach bags, gym bags, bread baskets, toiletry bags, utensils, tablecloths and place sets.

The fabrics “Verry Veggie” (dark construction in the basic shade with lots of brightly colored, young vegetables) or “Verry Cherry” in apricot or dark blue in the basic shade are decorated with cheerful cherries, mnjam mnjam.

  • Cotton canvas in “Eye Candy” fabrics with floral elements on a basic shade of blue or cream white, where the typical eye is placed in the flower. In the “Pour out love” canvas fabric we find watering cans that are ready to do their job - flowers, flowers, flowers everywhere, that's how it should be!
  • French Terry should not be missing, of course, the lighter sister of the sweat, also known as the summer sweat.

"Bloom" is floral in the usual bright colors, in the light version on white, in the dark on dark blue background. "You and me" with cute cyclamen is available in a mottled version on a gray background - it is also available on a deep blue base tone.

For blouses and airy dresses there is a cotton satin print with dots in apricot and a light purple in "Just Dots".

A border fabric made of cotton satin is also flown in - the successor to “You are Beautiful” from the “High Five” collection from last summer.

"Oh so lovely" is available in a bright blue basic tone and in a coral tone, both with floral and colorful elements and cute butterflies. Heartwarming!

The borders on both selvedges are lines of matching color that women can use perfectly as edging on hems or as accents. We are really looking forward to it!

  • The fabric quality Elastic Satin as print is newstoff “Plumes”, which arouses our curiosity with fan-like motifs in the colors apricot, purple, pink and white, blue, black.
  • It continues with cute pleats in the cotton stretch jersey, which comes in the tonalities of lilac with blue & white and red with blue & white.
  • The viscose print “Clover” offers beautiful graphic aspects that are reminiscent of shamrocks. The colors are black with blue and apricot, and white with apricot and blue.
  • The cotton viscose print in coral and light blue is another eye candy for all fans of blouses and airy dresses. Floral elements with small dots as a conclusion are sufficient here.
  • The cotton viscose print "Pretty Pansy" shows us adorable pansies. Susanne presents her dress Rosalie from Fibre Mood! Soooo beautiful! Come on, dear spring, come soon!

IN MY GARDEN will go on sale on March 04.03.2020th, XNUMX. Until then, we look forward to the great sewing examples, which are regularly added here. You can like your favoritestoffe from IN MY GARDEN reserve with us - just contact us via Emil info - you will find the exact fabric names with color information in the lookbook!

Eva and Cigdem wish you lots of wonderful fabric dreams