The great ropestoffThere are e that women can use to sew their knitwear. Favorite cardigans, favorite sweaters and favorite knitted dresses, blouson jackets, scarves, hats, handkerchiefs, cozy blankets - endless possibilities. Woman just has to choose one sewing project. 100% cotton, 100% cozy and 100% beautiful. They are 140cm wide and feel great. Under ours Patterns range there are many projects that are also perfect for knittingstoffe are suitable. Anyone who has not yet dared to sew a piece of knitted fabric - this is THE opportunity 🙂

Here it goes to the Frowein knittingstoffen Spring 2020!

Lots of beautiful ones StoffDreams wish you Cigdem and Eva


The great bloggers are responsible for the wonderful sewing examples - YOU are the BEST - THANK YOU !!! Daxi (mimi sews), Katharina (radio head), Judith (favourite), Suska (Snail farm children's stuff).