Organic Cuddle Jacquard from Stoffträume4you with ALBSTOFFE - highest quality with a good mood design

We have something out there with WHITESTOFFE, and the result is just great. A new Stoffquality emerged from this collaboration: the cuddly jacquard. Whoever uses the roughened jacquards from ALBSTOFFE knows, knows how cozy they are on the inside. We wanted them to be so cozy outside too. Et voilà, the cuddly jacquard was born. Double-Cozy, more cuddly than that!

We kept the special pattern of the houndstooth, English “Houndstooth” and French “Pied de Poule” classic and left two-tone. The houndstooth is one of the checked patterns, but has a great break-up that invites the eye to linger. We love the different color combinations that we had produced in Albstadt under GOTS conditions:

Color play black / Meringa - A99 / 17
Color play Bordeaux / Azalea - A18 / 84
Color play petrol / mustard - A12 / 73
Color play Blue Navy / Jeans Mélange - A10 / 33
Color game Ortensia / Nepal - A55 / 76 -> pink with orange 😉

Link to the Stoffen here

Our Giant Houndstooth is big, striking, cuddly soft and made of organic cotton (100%). It is 150cm wide and has a Stoffweight of 340g per running meter. The Giant Houndstooth is ideal for sweaters, coats, dresses, cardigans, capes, skirts, shawls, scarves, beanies, also for cozy blankets (simply beautifully hemmed, ready) and so much more.

What is Two to Seven Color Jacquard Jersey?

The pattern of the design determines the placement of the needles. The different colored rows of stitches complement each other to create a jacquard design. Jacquard knit is more complex to manufacture than printingstoff, more valuable and durable - just special.
All colors used in the pattern are knitted in sequence in the pattern and selected to give a closed row together. Thanks to innovative pattern technology, the repeat size (repeat = individual drawing of the design) can be selected almost indefinitely. There are no limits to the design.

The consistent use of organic cotton from certified organic cultivation (kbA) ensures a super soft grip in the Albstoffe-jacquards. They are made from 100% organic cotton. This makes the jacquard a skin-friendly one Stoff, which is characterized by a very comfortable fit. Albstoffe (by Maute + Renz Textil GmbH) knits the high-quality jacquard on circular knitting machines at the textile location Albstadt in Baden-Württemberg. This ensures that he comes from German and above all fair production.

Lots of beautiful ones StoffDreams wish you Cigdem and Eva